Wholesale Application

To apply for a wholesale account please fill in the form below. Submitting an application for a Dekai Ltd Wholesale Account includes acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Full terms and conditions can be found here: Dekai Ltd Wholesale Account Terms and Conditions

Please also review the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page for answers to common questions about our wholesale offering.

Applications will only be accepted where applicants can demonstrate that the products we offer are in line with their current business operations.

Wholesale FAQs

Who can open a wholesale account?

Wholesale accounts are intended for businesses who wish to resell products to the general public. All applicants must show evidence of retail activity e.g. website or physical store etc. We currently only offer wholesale accounts within the UK. We do not offer wholesale discounts to the general public or offer equivalent discounts for “bulk purchases”.

What products can be purchased wholesale?

We offer a range of anime figures, merchandise and Japanese food and drinks imported from Japan.

Are there any restrictions?

The sale of figures/merchandise are restricted to retailers whose main business is physical retail sale (e.g. retail store or convention/event based sales).

We are not able to offer wholesale of figures/merchandise to retailers only operating online retail, irrespective of whether this is via their own webstore or via online marketplaces.

Goods can be offered for sale via online channels only if the primary sale source is expected to be physical retail (e.g. online sales to supplement the main business activity of physical retail). Where it is believed that this restriction is being circumvented we reserve the right to refuse further sale.

What payment terms are accepted for wholesale orders?

Payment terms for all wholesale orders are initially provided on the basis of payment in advance via BACS (Bank Transfer). Payment details will be included on the invoice provided once available stock has been confirmed.

We can accept debit/credit card or PayPal payments for wholesale orders upon request but this will incur a surcharge.

How are wholesale orders shipped?

Shipping costs for wholesale orders will be calculated once stock quantity is confirmed. Orders will be shipped via courier based on their value/volume and should arrive in approx. 3-5 working days from notification of shipping.

What is the minimum order value for wholesale purchases?

We recognise that many businesses wishing to sell these type of products are either small businesses or want to offer it as part of a larger international food or pop culture offering. As such we only require a minimum order value of £150 for food/drink orders and £250 for figures/merchandise. Please note that after 6 months of no orders we reserve the right to de-activate wholesale accounts.